Our Programs


Living Bridges Programs

The Living Bridges are customized to enhance an existing or integrate new recovery focused features to add value and improve outcomes. 


Primary Preventions

Designed to prevent mental illness, substance overuse disorder and trauma with evidence based interventions. 


Resilient Restorative Recovery

  • Assess & Build Capacity
  • Plan & Implement
  • Monitor & Evaluate
  • Improve health & overall wellbeing

Our Programs

Premier Primary Preventions

Educate and enrich the life of young people ages 5-12  with life skills that promote health and equip them to refuse peer pressure that could be harmful to their health.

Transitions with Technology

Train ages 12-25 how to leverage technology to help navigate the transitions of life choices, chances and changes.

Reflections of Resilient Recovery

Culturally Competent Customized Population Centered Programs that develop interpersonal skills to maintain recovery and balance. 

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